Web Hosting

Every domain hosting will do the bare minimum of putting your site on the internet. However, most domain hosts offer features and benefits beyond publishing your site, and this is where the hosting services can differ greatly.
The differences are mostly in these areas:

Hosting Package
Almost all of the domain hosts on our lineup offer monthly subscriptions and several tiers of service. Some domain hosts offer unlimited disk space, bandwidth and domains, while others put caps on their service. Limited and small hosting packages are sufficient for simple websites and blogs, but professional sites for medium-sized businesses and eCommerce sites will likely need larger hosting packages.

The best domain hosting will give you access to a full list of features and tools that include everything you need to build, launch and maintain your site. Domain hosts should also provide domain check and domain registration services.

A domain host should include advanced features that allow experienced users to customize their site and take finer control over how a site looks and behaves. Here, custom cron jobs, a script library and customizable error pages are desirable.

Tech Support
As anyone with experience in domain hosting can attest to, your website can experience problems at any hour of the day. That's why your domain host should provide you with 24/7 technical support. We looked for responsive support representatives that were helpful and knowledgeable.

The best domain hosts give you access to powerful tools and features if you want them, but don’t force them upon you if you don't want them. All of the services in our lineup can help you build, launch and maintain a successful website.

Domain Name Registration Caution:
A unique domain name is your first step to your online presence, hence let there be no ambiguity in the "actual ownership" of the domain name. To avoid future conflict of interests, its best when you book the Domain Name Yourself through a website of your choice, alternatively if you are booking through an agency, please ensure that domain booking agency :- Keeps you as the billing and administrative owner of the domain (Its the e-mail address that you provide)